Opinion - Los Angeles Times - 2015-03-11 16:48:04.

Republican senators go nuclear with missive to Iran

It's hardly news that many Republicans in Congress are determined to oppose any agreement between Iran and six world powers on the future of that country's nuclear program. That was evident last week when Republicans greeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, an opponent of any...


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Opinion - Los Angeles Times - 2015-03-11 16:48:04.

Legislators' overreaction should suffer same fate as attempted flag ban

Students at UC Irvine learned valuable lessons last week after the student council passed a misguided resolution banning flag displays in its lobby. Among them: Don't mess with Old Glory. Policymaking has real-world effects. And, perhaps most important, don't be surprised if the so-called...


Opinion - Los Angeles Times.

Britain moving too fast on 3-parent children

A procedure newly approved in Britain allows babies to be conceived with DNA from three parents — a mix of DNA that would determine the child's characteristics and become part of the gene pool in future generations. Last year, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory panel wisely...


Opinion - Los Angeles Times.

John Boehner's minority government of pragmatic Republicans

Last week's drama in the House of Representatives, when Speaker John A. Boehner needed Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to rescue him from his own rebellious party, looked like a messy disaster for Republicans. But it could have been worse.


Opinion - Los Angeles Times.

Developer Wayne Ratkovich on revitalizing L.A.'s historic buildings

One of the symbols on Los Angeles' official city seal is a stylized castle. Maybe it should appear with a wrecking ball hanging over it. Raze first, ask questions later has often been the drill with historic buildings. But the city, working with the Getty Conservation Institute, has crafted a...

Opinion - Los Angeles Times.

Philanthropic naming rights, and naming wrongs

Poor David Geffen. By giving $100 million to New York's Lincoln Center to rename Avery Fisher Hall after himself, he's become the new focus of a philanthropic debate that has gone on for decades.



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