World - Los Angeles Times - 2015-03-11 16:28:06.

Iraqi troops, Shiite militia reported in the heart of Tikrit

Iraqi troops and Shiite Muslim militia entered the center of Tikrit on Wednesday, the state run media reported, setting the stage for a major victory against Islamic State militants.


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World - Los Angeles Times - 2015-03-11 16:28:06.

Rights activist: Suspect in Nemtsov killing apparently tortured

Russian investigators' working theory that opposition leader Boris Y. Nemtsov was killed by Caucasus Muslim extremists began to unravel Wednesday when a human-rights monitor said the key suspect appeared to have been tortured into confessing.


World - Los Angeles Times.

After 4 years, Fukushima nuclear cleanup remains daunting, vast

Neon pink and yellow banners flutter along the roadsides, their gentle flapping breaking an eerie stillness. The houses here are shut tight, the streets are nearly deserted, the fields that once sprouted rice, tomatoes and cucumbers are fallow.


World - Los Angeles Times.

Caught on camera: South Africa TV reporter, crew are robbed

It couldn’t have been more brazen.


World - Los Angeles Times.

Jewels worth millions stolen in French highway attack

About 15 armed assailants attacked two vans carrying millions of dollars' worth of jewels on a French highway Wednesday, forced out the drivers and sped away, according to police.

World - Los Angeles Times.

Obama-GOP rift over Iran talks redefines partisan battles

President Obama's hope of closing out his second term with legacy-shaping achievements on the world stage has invited the same bitter congressional opposition that has long thwarted his domestic agenda, producing a new power struggle that challenges the traditional limits of partisan battles in...



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